we like to think we’ve taken all the useless stuff out of religion, and gone back to basics, faith and love are the only tenets, and those must be applied to all peoples, you must rid yourself of all preconceptions, all bias, all ego and all money, and that’s one place we can help, you’ll find our bank details in the contact box, you’ll need to work out the other things on your own, but seriously..


through art we channel and decoulple negative energy, and what’s more we telegraph our intent,

create, lose your cool, dance with yourself

through reflection we can observe our own and others motivations, with a more objective view we can see.. the act of letting go and the understanding of that transaction is the ego killer, humility before all

love and faith

these are the foundations, you must love yourself and all peoples, animals, plants unconditionally, until you do this you cannot have faith, drive out the ego, so that we can all become one.